Balaclava - Vision Built Construction


Winner of 2014 Fine Homebuilding Home of The Year
Winner of Ovation Award Home of The Year
Winner of Built Green Home of The Year

This Kitsilano residence exemplifies environmentally responsible architecture that is innovative and stunning. The client’s design goal was an environmentally friendly open and spacious home. This vision was realized with;
Numerous green features and creative options used throughout the design and construction result in a Built Green Platinum rated home with an Energuide rating of 85.

The open concept is reflected in shared common spaces of the office and art studio as well as the kitchen area that encourages socializing with guests.
Indoor and outdoor integration through large windows, doors and exterior patio spaces.

Sourcing environmentally healthy materials that fit design and budget restrictions.
This family home is passively heated through cross and stack ventilation with a central fin wall providing thermal mass for daytime cooling. The large south-east facing window acts as a solar collector assisting heating.

Green features include;
Open cell foam insulation in wall and roof structures increases thermal performance and noise reduction.
Reclaimed fir flooring and Plyboo cabinets.
Insulation and staggered stud framing techniques to achieve thermal breaks.
On demand hot water and radiant heating.
Metal cladding and roofing with partially recycled content increases durability and lowers maintenance.
Low VOC paints, adhesives and plywoods.
Recycling program diverted majority of waste from landfill.
Native plants and water-smart perennials and ornamental grasses.

The biggest challenge was the unique rain harvest collection system. Working through an alternative solutions application we successfully lobbied the City of Vancouver to re-write their bylaw regarding residential rainwater collection systems.